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Breakfast Cereals

Pap - White
Pap - Yellow
Tapioca ~ 1 kg
Pap - Brown
Tapioca ~ 500 g
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Breakfast Cereals

Shop Breakfast Cereals in Lagos on Nigeria's largest online supermarket, Supermart.ng. These breakfast items come in sweet flavors that both adults and kids will enjoy. The crunchy and flakey meals are ideal for home, the office, and taking to school. You have the option of mixing with hot or cold water, sugar, and milk; if you prefer, you can also take it alongside juice, sandwiches, toast, or butter spread on sliced bread. Our various food cupboards come in specially designed packs, tins, and sachets that can be poured into canister jars. Buy online cereals and more at the best prices at Supermart.ng.

Where can I buy breakfast cereals in Nigeria?

Buy Grocery Cereals at Supermart.ng and choose from a list of trusted brands like Kellogg's, Milo, Alpen, Infinity, Good Morning, Captain Oats, Blue Boat, Spar, Coco Pops, and much more to enjoy a delicious breakfast. Our online cereals provide you with essential nutrients such as iron, fiber, carbohydrates, proteins, fat, vitamins B12, folic acid, and minerals. They add nutritional value to the body, which in turn makes for active, bright minds all day. Have breakfast with family on the dining table and pump up nutritional values on smaller plates. Whether at the office, home, or school, get Breakfast Cereals at the best prices in Lagos, Nigeria, and enjoy same-day delivery.