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Deodorants & Body Sprays

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Deodorants & Body Sprays

Discover the largest selection of Deodorants & Body Sprays in Nigeria. Deodrants help mask and prevent pungent body odour resulting from sweat and bacteria breakdown at armpits, groin and feet. Body sprays are deodorants as welll but meant for other parts of the body. Choose from a variety of deodorants and body sprays at affordable prices. Visit Supermart.ng, place your order and get it delivered under 3 hours anywhere in Lagos.

Deodorants help to reduce the smell caused by sweat and perspiration in the armpits. They come in various forms like roll on deodorants, stick deodorants, spray deodorants (which come in aerosol cans) and gel deodorants. Antiperspirant deodorants, in addition to covering up body odour, also prevent sweating and perspiration by blocking the sweat glands. Deodorants are only to be applied in the armpits and should not be used on any other part of the body. They come in a variety of fragrances and if you know what you want, you'll find a scent just for you.

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