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Insecticides & Rat Traps

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Rambo Insecticide Magic 300 ml
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Insecticides & Rat Traps

Discover the largest selection of Insecticides & Rat Traps in Nigeria. Rats and insects can be really annoying because they destroy our food stuffs and make a mess of documents and personal belongings. Get quick-acting insecticides to keep your home free from insects and cockroaches. Visit Supermart.ng, place your order and get it delivered under 3 hours anywhere in Lagos.

Got a mosquito problem? Worry not because the best and strongest insecticides are here; they'll knock those pests out of town. If your home is full of ants or you have a mosquito, cockroach or insects problem, then you're probably not using a good insecticide regularly enough. If you ensure your windows are shut tight, there are no gaps under your doors and you don't leave food or stagnant water lying around then you should also spray your rooms on a regular basis to ensure that any mosquitoes that sneak in are quickly snuffed out. The last thing you want is malaria which can knock you out for days.

In addition to insecticides, you can also apply a mosquito repellent that helps keep away all kinds of insects. Some people like to use mosquito incense and mosquito coil. Others opt for naphthalene balls, popularly called camphor balls, to keep away cockroaches and ants. And finally, for extra protection, you can consider using a strong mosquito net over your bed. This is especially helpful for babies and young children who are more likely to be infected.

Got a rat or mouse problem? Why not lay some rat traps around the affected areas so the rodents can be caught and discarded. Inbetween your periodic fumigation, you may find rats running around the house. In such cases, just get a glue trap, mouse board or rat trap and your problem should be eliminated in a couple of days.

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