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Foil & Cling Film

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Baco Foil 300 mm
₦3,485.00 ₦4,625.00
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Sanita Cling Film 15 x 0.3 m
₦920.00 ₦930.00
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Spar Aluminium Foil 20 m
₦3,095.00 ₦4,110.00
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Foil & Cling Film

Discover the largest selection of Foil & Cling Film in Nigeria. Cling film is an essential kitchen accessory used for sealing food items to keep them fresh. Kitchen foil papers are suitable for cooking and baking but are mostly used for grilling and roasting in Nigeria. Visit Supermart.ng, place your order and get it delivered under 3 hours anywhere in Lagos.

Cling film is great for wrapping fresh food. So when next you make a sandwich for your kids, pick up your roll of cling film and wrap it up. It can also be used to wrap half eaten fruits like watermelon, apples or pineapples that have been cut halfway but not fully eaten. The cling film will preserve these foods. Aluminium foil is better for wrapping food that needs to stay warm as the alumininum acts as a form of insulation.

Aluminium foil is also perfect for wrapping foods with strong smells; it locks in the smell and keeps it air tight. Every kitchen should have a good supply of plastic film and aluminium foil.

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