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Batteries & Light Bulbs

Batteries & Light Bulbs

Discover the largest selection of batteries and light bulbs in Nigeria. Power your remote control, toys, household appliances and other devices with the variety of AA or AAA sized batteries with long lasting capacities. Light up your homes, offices and environments with energy saving bulbs. Visit, place your order and get it delivered under 3 hours anywhere in Lagos.

When your appliances stop working, you know what time it is. It's time to change the battery. There are batteries for everything - TV remote control, watches, clocks, toys, AC remote control and lots more. Always have some spare batteries at home so that you can change a battery as soon as it runs down.

When your rooms start to get dark, you know what time it is. It's time to change the light bulb. We've got pin bulbs and screw bulbs. And if you're energy conscious, we've got energy saving bulbs and LED light for you to choose from. Always have some spare light bulbs at home and in the office so that you can change a bulb as soon as it runs down. is the leading online supermarket and grocery delivery service in Nigeria. Order online from over 10,000 groceries and receive same-day delivery. Get the best prices and discounts on groceries in Nigeria here. Why go to the supermarket when Supermart can come to you? Buy your groceries online on today. Shop from top brands like Duracell, Energizer, GE, Opple.