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Discover the largest selection of powder products in Nigeria. Powders are used to highlight facial features and change the appearance of facial skin. Body powders are used to soften and deodorize skin. Choose from top brands like Pears, Cussons, Enchanteur and many more. Visit Supermart.ng, place your order and get it delivered under 3 hours anywhere in Lagos.

Powder is used both as a beauty product and for helping to keep the skin dry. If you have oily skin, especially on your face, you'll need powder to minimise the excess oil and prevent your face from shining. Talcum powder is very commonly used by children and adults. Baby powder is used all over the baby's body and also to prevent diaper rash. Powder helps to absorb moisture on the skin and some people even use it under their armpits as an antiperspirant to prevent sweating.