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Eid El Kabir

Cow Leg
Onions 1 kg
Rodo Pepper - Red (Big Basket)

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Plantain x4
Beans Oloyin ~4 L
Garri Ijebu ~4 L
Catfish - Cut Up
Beans Olotu ~4 L
Okra ~4 L
Garri White ~4 L
Cabbage - White
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Eid El Kabir

During Eid El Kabir, Muslims display their obedience to Allah by sacrificing an animal. It is also known as Eid Al Adha or the Feast of Sacrifice. Eid El Kabir is one of the two major holidays celebrated in Islam across Muslim countries all over the world. In Nigeria, this holiday is often referred to as Ileya in the Yoruba parts of the country. Typically, families kill animals like ram, goat, and cow depending on budget and preference.

It is a holy period in Islam where Muslims are encouraged to be embrace the essence of sacrifice and gratitude. You will find many people offering gifts to family, friends and staff during Eid El Kabir. It is also common for Muslims to give fried ram meat to family and friends. If you're looking for affordable ram, goat or cow meat for your celebrations, you're in the right place.

We've also got well-priced fruits, vegetables, and other staples including tomatoes, peppers, spices, onions, rice, swallow. Whatever you need to have a joyous Eid Al Adha this year, you'll find it on Supermart.ng at great prices.