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Salad Dressing

Salad Dressing

Discover the largest selection of Salad Dressing in Nigeria. A good salad has a mix of flavours and textures. Salad dressings are the final piece of the puzzle when you're preparing your salad. When no dressing is applied to the salad, you will definitely notice the difference in taste. Visit, place your order and get it delivered under 3 hours anywhere in Lagos.

Whether you choose a creamy salad dressing or vinaigrette salad dressing, the most important thing is to get one that works well with your kind of salad.

For your salad, slice up your preferred vegetables, put them in a bowl and drizzle your salad dressing generously and then mix it all up to ensure the dressing coats all the vegetables. Remember, only add salad dressing to the amount of salad you're ready to it immediately so the salad stays fresh. Some popular salad dressings include thousand island dressing, blue cheese dressing, french dressing, italian dressing. is the leading online supermarket and grocery delivery service in Nigeria. Order online from over 10,000 groceries and receive same-day delivery. Get the best prices and discounts on groceries in Nigeria here. Why go to the supermarket when Supermart can come to you? Buy your groceries online on today. Shop from top brands like Hellmann's, Remia, Wish Bone.