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Toilet Tissue

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Toilet Tissue

Discover the largest selection of Toilet Tissue in Nigeria. When you need soft, tender sheets of paper to clean up after you use the toilet, choose from our range of tissue paper for your homes and offices. Visit Supermart.ng, place your order and get it delivered under 3 hours anywhere in Lagos.

After you use the toilet, nothing works like a nice, soft tissue paper. A good toilet roll should be strong but also soft so it is tender on the skin. Most toilet roll have two ply for extra strength. You can buy single-roll tissues or larger packs that will last longer. We've got all the leading brands like Boulos, Rose, Carla, Familia, Sotwave, Lamis, Papia, Tendersoft.

Toilet tissue, also commonly known as toilet paper or bathroom tissue, is a soft, disposable paper product designed for personal hygiene and sanitation purposes in the bathroom. It is primarily used for wiping after using the toilet, but it can also be used for other cleaning tasks.

Standard toilet tissue rolls are available in various ply (layers) options, such as 1-ply, 2-ply, or even 3-ply. The ply refers to the number of layers of paper that are bonded together.

Toilet tissue varies in terms of softness and strength. Softness is often a personal preference, and different brands offer varying degrees of softness. Strength refers to the durability and tear resistance of the paper, ensuring that it doesn't disintegrate or cause any issues during use.

Toilet tissue is designed to be easily dissolved in water to prevent plumbing problems. Most toilet papers are specifically formulated to break down quickly when flushed, minimizing the risk of clogging pipes or causing blockages in sewage systems.