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Fridges & Freezers

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Nexus Freezer NX265 210 L Silver
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Nexus Chest Freezer NX-315 250 L Silver
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Fridges & Freezers

Fridges and freezers are essential appliances used for storing and preserving perishable food items and beverages. They help maintain low temperatures to slow down spoilage and extend the shelf life of various products. Most refrigerators consist of two main compartments: the refrigerator section and the freezer section.


The refrigerator compartment is used to store fresh food items like fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and beverages at temperatures above freezing. The freezer compartment, on the other hand, is designed to maintain temperatures below freezing, allowing for long-term storage of frozen foods such as meats, ice cream, and frozen vegetables. Shop from leading brands like Samsung, LG, Hisense, Nexus.