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Clothes Iron

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Clothes Iron

Discover the largest selection of Clothes Iron in Nigeria. Visit, place your order and get it delivered under 3 hours anywhere in Lagos.

You'll be looking your best when your clothes are well-ironed with razor sharp edges. A good steam iron or dry iron is within reach with our affordable prices. And if you're looking for a clothes steamer, you're also in the right place. Get a durable iron that will smooth out all the creases and wrinkles on your clothes. Shop from top brands like Philips, Binatone, Kenwood, Sonik.

A clothes iron is a household appliance used to remove wrinkles and creases from fabric by applying heat and pressure. It is an essential tool for maintaining a neat and professional appearance for clothing and other textiles.

Clothes irons typically have adjustable heat settings to accommodate different types of fabric. This allows you to select the appropriate temperature for delicate fabrics like silk or linen, as well as heavier materials like cotton or denim.

Many clothes irons have a built-in steam function to help remove stubborn wrinkles. Water is poured into a reservoir, and when the iron is heated, it produces steam that is released through small holes in the soleplate. This feature is particularly useful for tackling tough wrinkles or freshening up garments. Some irons include a spray function that allows you to mist water onto the fabric while ironing. This can help moisten and relax stubborn creases, making them easier to remove.