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Drinking Glasses

Save 11%
Ocean Glassware Charisma 34 cl x6
₦14,770.00 ₦16,660.00
Save 12%
Lav Venue Champagne Glass 8 oz x6
₦18,955.00 ₦21,520.00
Save 14%
Lav Sorgun Beer Glass 13 oz x6
₦18,145.00 ₦21,115.00
Save 23%
Lav Empire Goblet 16 oz EMP583F x6
₦18,685.00 ₦24,220.00
Save 21%
Lav Ada Long Drink Glass 11 oz x6
₦11,935.00 ₦15,040.00
Save 16%
Ocean Munich Beer Mug x3
₦9,410.00 ₦11,165.00
Save 15%
Ocean Sante White Wine 12 oz x2
₦10,760.00 ₦12,650.00
Save 13%
Ocean Glassware Ivory 370 ml x6
₦12,650.00 ₦14,540.00
Save 11%
Lav Venue Red Wine Glass 12 oz x6
₦21,115.00 ₦23,680.00
Save 11%
Ocean Glassware Scirocco 340 ml x6
₦14,770.00 ₦16,660.00
Save 10%
Lav Lal Long Drink Glass 16 oz x6
₦15,350.00 ₦16,970.00
Save 24%
Ocean Sante Red Wine 15 oz x2
₦10,045.00 ₦13,150.00
Save 24%
Ocean Sante Flute Champagne 7 oz x2
₦10,045.00 ₦13,150.00
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Drinking Glasses

Discover the largest selection of Drinking Glasses in Nigeria. When it comes to choosing your drinking glasses, you need to be knoweldgable as there are different types of drinking glasses for different drinks. You need the brandy snifter for brandy drinks, the tall flute for champagne, cocktail glass for cocktails, wineglass for wine, tall tumblers for exotic drinks, and pints for beer. Choose from the variety of glassware at affordable prices. Visit Supermart.ng, place your order and get it delivered under 3 hours anywhere in Lagos.

Get the finest drinking glasses. Whatever you're drinking, we've got glasses for your needs - tea cups, coffee mugs, beer glasses, cocktail glasses, shooters, water glasses, wine glasses, champagne flutes. Our hi ball glasses are great for serving cocktails, lemonade and ice tea. Tumblers are good for daily use for all kinds of drinks including water and fruit juice.

For those who love their red wine and white wine, our collection of wine glasses will get you excited. Goblets are rather large in size and are tyically used for drinking water. A good beer mug will make your beer drinking seem more like an occasion. You can also try pilsner glasses to sip on a cold glass of beer. When you're drinking sparkling wine or champagne, our champagne flutes, which are tall and slim, will keep the bubbly bubbling. And for our brandy and whisky lovers, our short stem glasses will make holding the glass easy as you sip slowly.

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