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Women's Shaving & Hair Removal

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Women's Shaving & Hair Removal

Discover the largest selection of women's shaving and hair removal products in Nigeria. Check out the best razors and shavers to get rid of unwanted body hair and give you a clean shave. Visit Supermart.ng, place your order and get it delivered under 3 hours anywhere in Lagos.

When you need to get rid of body hair like on your legs, hands or armpits, there are various methods. One of the most popular is shaving with a razor - when doing this, ensure the blades of the razor are clean and not blunt as this can cause bumps, itching and infection. You should also shave along the grain of the hair.

If you prefer not to use a razor, you can opt for hair removal cream, depilatory cream or waxing. These methods tends to remove hair and leave you with a longer lasting clean shave. Some women also like to use hot wax strips to remove hair especially in more intimate areas. However you choose to shave, you'll get all the products you need on Supermart.ng. Shop from top brands like Veet, Bic razor, Paiter, Beauty Formulas.