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Mile 12 Market

Beetroot ~1 kg
Yam x5 - Large
Soursop x7
Cucumber x12
Okra ~4 L
Kale - Bundle x3
Cocoyam x20
Soursop x4
Egg Plant ~ 1 kg
Rodo - Big Bowl
Lime ~850 g
Awin ~4 L

1 review
Parsley ~1 kg
Leek - Bundle
Zobo Leaves ~4 L
Spinach - Basket
Shombo - Big Bowl
Red Kidney Beans ~850 g

1 review
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Mile 12 Market

Mile 12 Market is one of the largest and busiest food markets in Lagos, serving as a major trading hub for a wide range of food commodities, including fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, and other food products.

The market specializes in the sale of various food items, particularly staple foods. It is known for its wide selection of fresh produce, including fruits like tomatoes, peppers, onions, plantains, and vegetables like spinach, cabbage, and ugu (pumpkin leaves). Additionally, Mile 12 Market is a major trading center for foodstuffs like rice, beans, yam, and other grains.

Mile 12 Market primarily operates as a wholesale market, where large quantities of food items are bought and sold in bulk. Traders from different parts of Lagos and beyond visit the market to purchase goods for distribution to smaller retailers, restaurants, and consumers.