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Bitters & Herbal Drinks

Bitters & Herbal Drinks

Bitters are herbal-infused alcoholic beverages known for their bitter taste. The primary purpose of bitters is to add flavor and complexity to cocktails. They are often used in small quantities as a flavoring agent and can enhance the overall taste profile of a drink. They have a long history of use in traditional medicine and cocktail culture. Bitters are typically made by macerating or distilling botanical ingredients such as roots, herbs, bark, fruits, and spices in a base alcohol. Several bitters are classified as a traditional herbal alcoholic drink. They are often consumed straight or mixed with other beverages. They are believed to have digestive and stimulating properties and are commonly used as a tonic in Nigeria and some other African countries.

Many are marketed as herbal remedies for various ailments, although their effectiveness for these purposes is not scientifically proven. We offer the widest selection of products for you to shop from ranging from Orijin Bitters Spirit Drink 70 cl, Campari Bitter 70 cl, Ruzu Bitters, 1960 Rootz Alcoholic Bitters 20 cl, Confam Alcoholic Bitters 20 cl and more.