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Stomach & Bowel

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Stomach & Bowel

Discover the largest selection of Stomach & Bowel medicine in Nigeria. Stomach upsets and pains can be discomforting and could ruin our plans for the day. Choose from a variety of stomach and bowel medication to help treat upset stomach and reduce bowel discharge. Visit Supermart.ng, place your order and get it delivered under 3 hours anywhere in Lagos.

When you have an upset stomach, it can ruin your day. Having to deal with diarrhea, vomitting, dehydration and nausea can be rather discomforting. Sometimes, the symptoms can include a feeling of bloating and indigestion which makes you feel full and gassy. If you experience a stomach ache or cramps, there are medicines you can take to ease the pain. Other times, you may just require a detox and colon cleansing that does a thorough inner cleanse. With constipation and indigestion, a laxative may just help give you relief.

Often times with heartburn, taking an antacid helps remove the discomfort. For those who suffer from incontinence or a loose bowel, our range of adult diapers will allow you lead a normal life.

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