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Discover the largest selection of cleaning products online for everything you need to keep your home and offices clean and germ free. When you perform your cleaning routines you need brushes, mops and buckets to keep the floors and walls clean. Choose from our large selection of brands like Andrex, Boulos, Vicki, Kleenex, Dettol, Astonish, Carex, Lifebuoy, Ariel, Persil, Sunlight, Hypo, Glade, Febreze, Ambi Pur, Baygon, Raid, Kiwi, Duracell, LB Car Wash, and much more. Our home cleaning supplies range from laundry items, air fresheners, car care, sanitizers, batteries, insecticides, pesticides, air care, and more. With the right household cleaning essentials from, taking care of the home will be an easy task.

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Get the range of household cleaning supplies from your comfort zone when you browse online via mobile phone, laptop, or desktop. Our various Ambi Pur and Febreze air fresheners come with the right scents, hence keeping the environment fragranced. Persil, Sunlight, and Ariel powder soap, just to mention a few, come in different sizes, attractive packs, sealed packages, and various kilograms. Whether it is giving your laundry room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room, and office that extra kick or cleaning and freshening your home, we offer single ladies, mothers, and bachelors the best prices and allow you to enjoy same-day delivery in Nigeria's largest online supermarket on