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Save 17%
Tomatoes 1 kg
₦1,500.00 ₦1,800.00
Save 18%
Onions 1 kg
₦900.00 ₦1,100.00
Save 19%
Carrot 1 kg
₦1,700.00 ₦2,100.00
Save 25%
Tatase Pepper - Big Basket
₦900.00 ₦1,200.00
Save 13%
Avocado x2
₦1,050.00 ₦1,200.00
Save 39%
Save 9%
Lu Tuc Crackers Original 100 g
₦2,600.00 ₦2,860.00
Save 40%
Robb Balm 23 ml
₦395.00 ₦660.00
Save 2%
Save 47%
Save 1%
Save 13%
Save 1%
Save 30%
Save 4%
Save 5%
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Throughout the year, we run various sales and discounts on products. Our discount sales can take various forms, such as seasonal sales (e.g., summer sale, Black Friday, or holiday sales), clearance sales, flash sales, anniversary sales, or promotional sales tied to specific events or themes. During a discount sale, prices are typically lowered compared to regular retail prices. The discounts can range from a certain percentage off (e.g., 20% off, 50% off) or fixed price reductions. Discount sales usually have a specific duration, such as a few days, a week, or even a few hours for flash sales. Customers are encouraged to take advantage of the discounted prices within the given time frame.