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Discover the Largest Collection of Brandy, Cognac, and Whisky in Lagos on Nigeria's largest online supermarket at Brandy is produced by distilling wine and aging it in wooden casks to mature the spirit for drinking. Brandy has a wild range of varieties such as Armenian brandy, Armagnac, Cognac, Cyprus brandy, Dried fruit brandy, Greek brandy, Brandy de Jerez, konyak, Pisco, South African brandies and Italian Stravecchio with different grades depending on the years of aging. The various grade of brandy are V.S. (very special), V.S.O.P. (very superior old pale), XO (extra old), or Napoleon, Hors d'ye (beyond age) that can be found on the brand labels on the bottle. Brandy contains about 30 to 60% alcohol per volume and it's usually taken after dinner as a digestif. Konyak popularly known as Cognac is a variety of Brandy named after a town called Cognac in France. Two Distillation is done in traditional charentais copper alembic stills after the grapes have been pressed and the extracted juice is left to ferment for about three weeks leaving the wild yeasts to convert the sugar into alcohol up to 70% per volume. Cognac is aged in Limousin oak casts for about two years before they are bottled and sold publicly. The longer cognac stays in the Limousin oak casts the lesser its alcohol volume is due to a phenomenon called la part des Anges. Cognac drinks are also graded from V.S. (Very Special) to V.S.O.P. (Very Superior Old Pale) to XO (Extra Old) or NapolÈon to Hors d'‚ge (Beyond Age). Whiskey is produced from fermented grain mash and aged in American or French oak casks during aging the whiskey undergoes extraction, evaporation, oxidation, concentration, filtration, and coloration to achieve the final flavor. Varieties of Whisky are American Whisky, Australian Whisky, Canadian Whisky. At we stock varieties of Brandy, Cognac, and Whisky Drinks such as Original Classic Whisky, Special Reserva Brandy, Wild Turkey Whisky, 25 Year Scotch Whisky, Cognac VSOP Gift Pack, Red Stag Bourbon Whisky and much more at affordable prices. Get distinct and classic drinks for your events, private parties or meetings ideal for adults to sip with Cuban cigars. With lots of Alcohol Drink Products out there at Where to buy Cognac, Whisky, and Brandy in Nigeria? Browse online to Brandy, Whisky, and Cognac Drinks on that are aged to perfection in every drop. Buy Brandy, Cognac, and Whiskey at best prices in Nigeria online at enter your preferred location and choose the delivery time and any of our convenient payment methods to enjoy same-day delivery.

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