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From the Largest Online Grocery Store in Lagos, choose from a variety of Flip Charts, White Boards, and Projectors. At, we ensure you get the best office and school supplies delivered to you from trusted brands like Bic, Nobo, Apli, Berol, Basic, Dataline, Eagle and much more. Flip charts are used for presentations in schools, colleges, and offices to improve the quality of idea pitch, project defense, start-up meetings and this is done by conveying ideas on prefilled large white papers with a stand. Flip charts are ideal tools for public speakers because they can be folded and easily transported. White Boards brings flexibility to the presentation because you can write on them with temporary markers and wipe the writings, off with a duster, widely used in classrooms and conference rooms for deliberations or teaching session. White Boards brings in an option explaining and working out solutions for topics The Projector is a digital device used for presenting moving images on white wall screens to make the presentation more interesting in places like viewing centers, offices, and universities. There can also be a presentation of graphics and videos through the use of a projector, the older models of projectors pass light through a small transparent lens, but the newer models make use of laser technology to project images. So whether you want to create a cinema feel at home or presenting an idea. This device does a perfect job also comes with a remote for controlling the device. Where to buy Flip Charts, White Boards and Projects in Nigeria? Browse online to Buy Flip Charts, White Boards, and Projectors on that is high quality and has smooth surfaces for excellent use. The flip charts, whiteboards, and projectors Devices are essential presentation tools for Schools, Colleges, Offices and Conference Room. Buy flip charts, white boards, and projectors at best prices in Nigeria online at, enter your preferred location and choose the delivery time and any of our convenient payment methods to enjoy same-day delivery.

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