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Discover the Largest Collection of Kid's Vitamin in Lagos Nigeria. Kids should get a daily supply of vitamins from eating healthy balanced diets such as vegetables, meat, fish, eggs chicken, milk, yoghurt, cheese, and other dairy products for balanced growth. What do you do when your kids are not eating enough balanced diet and eat more fast foods, this might affect their growth both physically and mentally. Kids VItamin feel in the gap for the essential vitamins your kids need daily, this vitamin is Vitamins A for normal growth and development, Vitamins B for metabolism and energy production, Vitamins C for healthy muscle and connective tissue, Vitamins D for bone and teeth formation, Iron essential for red blood cells and Calcium for strong bones as the children grow. At we stock varieties Kid Vitamins such as Multivitamin Syrups, Multivitamin Drops, Dietary Supplements, Chewable drugs, and much more from Top Brands like Abidec, Ascorbic, Becombion, Em Vit C, Emvite, Well Kid for Kids of all age. You can check with your medical doctors to ensure they are safe and appropriate for your children. Where to buy multivitamins for kids in Nigeria? Multivitamins are good for kids with poor appetite, by stimulating the toddler's appetite and improving the kid's diet. Looking for the best kid vitamins for hair growth, this set of products contain folic acid and biotin and inositol for faster hair growth and prevent hair loss for a long time. Visit online store to Choose from a variety of Kid Vitamins at the best prices and get them delivered within 3 hours in Lagos and its Environ.

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