Dann Ka Smoked Streaky Bacon 150 g x9

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Product Description

Buy Dann Ka Smoked Streaky Bacon 150 g x9 on Supermart.ng. Who doesn't love bacon? There's nothing like waking up in the morning to smell of frying bacon. It gets you out of bed as you anticipate biting into the crunchy bacon with your morning breakfast. The smoky taste of bacon is like no other. For those that like a full English breakfast, you know it's incomplete without a few slices of bacon. Bacon is made from pork so will not be suitable for practising Muslims. We've got lots of bacon including back bacon, smoked bacon, streaky bacon.

  • Categories

    fresh food
  • Brand

    Dann Ka

  • Storage

    Keep refrigerated or frozen always.

  • Weight

    150 g

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