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Save 39%
Tomatoes 1 kg
₦1,100.00 ₦1,800.00
Onions 1 kg
Save 17%
Sweet Potato - White 1 kg
₦1,000.00 ₦1,200.00
Save 33%
Carrot 1 kg
₦1,400.00 ₦2,100.00
Cabbage - White
Cucumber x3
Ginger x6
Save 13%
Avocado x2
₦1,050.00 ₦1,200.00
Mint Leaves
Spinach ~1 kg
Ginger 2 L
Broccoli ~1 kg
Tomatoes - Crate
Marrow 1 kg
Pumpkin - Red x5
Onions - Half Bag
Pepper - Red x3
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